MikroMasch upgrades all AFM probes to new high quality HQ technology

Since November 2012 all MikroMasch SPM probes are being manufactured with the new HQ (High Quality) AFM probe technology.  The pricing is kept at the same inexpensive level that our customers appreciate for many years.

HQ is  the next generation of MikroMasch probes distinguished by its high quality and high repeatability of characteristics. In particular, the probes have much more consistent reflectivity of uncoated cantilevers, tip radius and quality factor compared to our former standard probes. The HQ probe chips have cut corners that allow them to be used at an angle from the vertical.

The nominal characteristics of the new high quality HQ probes are kept the same or as close as possible to the former standard MikroMasch product line.

The main advantages of the HQ probes are:
  • HQ - High quality and consistency
  • Tip sharpness better than 10 nm*
  • High Q-factor and smooth resonance curves
  • Ideal reflectivity from the backside of the cantilever
  • For the old non-HQ price

Please check out our screencast on High Quality Line SPM Probes here.

The order codes of all AFM probes are changed adding an “HQ” in front of the former order codes to reflect this significant improvement. Certain products are replaced with completely improved product versions.

*In 95% of the cases. Tip coatings increase tip radius.
List of changed/improved products