• 10 nm
  • 10 nm
  • 30 nm
  • 70°
  • 3.5 nm
  • Silicon nitride
  • 0.01 - 0.025 Ohm*cm
  • None or Gold
  • Gold

The XNC12 series probes have 2 different triangular silicon nitride cantilevers on one side of the holder chip. The cantilevers are thin and soft. Each cantilever has a square pyramidal silicon nitride tip with a sharpened apex.

The probes have a 70 nm thick gold coating on the back side of the cantilever that enhances laser reflectivity. Two options are available for the tip side coating: no coating or a 35 nm thick gold coating.


The XNC12 probes are intended for contact mode measurements on biological and other soft samples in air and liquids. The gold coating on the detector side of the cantilever ensures strong and stable reflectivity in various gaseous and liquid ambients.

The uncoated tips provide very good resolution, while the gold coated tips offer extra protection when scanning very soft samples. In addition, gold coated tips are suitable for tip functionalization.

2-cantilevers series

Cantilever Resonance Frequency, kHz Force Constant, N/m
mintypicalmax mintypicalmax
12 series Cantilever A 17 0.08
Cantilever B 67 0.32
*The full cone angle may be less than 40° at the last 200 nm of the tip end.


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  • 17 - 67 kHz
    (0.08 - 0.32 N/m)
    XNC12/Cr-Au BS