Diamond AFM Probes

DMD AFM probes feature a thick doped diamond coating. The AFM tip shape is trihedral. The polycrystalline diamond structure ensures extreme durability at the expense of reduced resolution. The coating is also electrically conductive, allowing for electric measurements in contact mode (Conductive AFM, Tunnelling Current AFM, Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy).

Typical radius of uncoated AFM tip
Resulting AFM tip radius with the coating
Full AFM tip cone angle
Total AFM tip height
AFM probe material
n-type silicon
AFM tip coating
Conductive diamond
Detector coating


4 AFM Cantilever Series

AFM CantileverResonance Frequency, kHzForce Constant, N/m
11 series Cantilever A 15 18 22 0.25 0.5 1
Cantilever B 90 110 130 3.5 6.5 10
Cantilever C 170 210 250 10 18 30
Cantilever D 350 450 575 55 95 175