PA series

SEM image of the PA01 surface
Sample for characterization of AFM tip shape with hard sharp pyramidal nanostructures. The pyramids are triangular with base length in the range 50 – 100 nm and height 50 – 150 nm. The radius of curvature of the sharpest edges is below 5 nm.

The structures of the PA01 are covered by a highly wear-resistant layer.

Part number Pyramid base, nm Pyramid height, nm Smallest edge radii, nm Active area, mm x mm Chip dimensions, mm x mm
PA01 50 - 100 50 - 150 < 5 5 x 5 5 x 5 x 0.7

PA01 specifications


The exact shape of the AFM probe tip is very important for obtaining AFM images of high quality and accuracy. As new AFM tips with nanometer radii of curvature become widespread, periodic structures that have surface features of similar or greater sharpness should be used to estimate the parameters of the AFM tip.

An AFM image of the PA01 structures is shown below. The AFM image is obtained using an OPUS 240AC-NA AFM probe.

 AFM image of the PA01 surface. Scan taken with OPUS 240AC-NA probe with tip. Scan size 1 µm, scan height 95 nm.


PA01 (AFM tip characterization sample)

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