PA series

Samples for characterization of AFM tip shape with hard sharp pyramidal nanostructures. The radius of curvature of the sharpest edges is below 5 nm.
  • PA01 AFM tip characterization sample
  • TGXYZ series

    Gratings for vertical and lateral calibration of SPM. Arrays of silicon oxide structures with pitch of 5 µm and 10 µm, and different step height.
  • TGXYZ01 20 nm step height
    XYZ calibration grating
  • TGXYZ02 100 nm step height
    XYZ calibration grating
  • TGXYZ03 500 nm step height
    XYZ calibration grating
  • TGX Series

    Silicon gratings with undercut-edge structures for AFM tip aspect ratio determination and lateral calibration of SPMs.
  • TGX Grating with undercut-edge structures
  • TGF11 Series

    Silicon gratings with trapezoidal structures for lateral force calibration and scanner nonlinearity assessment.
  • TGF11 Grating with trapezoidal structures
  • HOPG

    Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite with atomically flat areas to be used as substrate or standard for AFM/SPM investigation.
  • ZYA HOPG, 0.4° mosaic spread
  • ZYB HOPG, 0.8° mosaic spread
  • ZYH HOPG, 3.5° mosaic spread