Instructions for Handling High Resolution AFM Probes

In order to avoid irritation and disappointment, prior to using these high-end AFM tips, please observe the following instructions:


ESD hazard warning sign
MikroMasch High Resolution Silicon AFM Probes are packaged in special vacuum-sealed ESD shielding bags. While the AFM probes remain in the closed ESD protective bag, there is no risk of ESD damage.

Before opening the ESD bag in an ESD-protected area please ensure that you are grounded (e.g. with a static dissipative wrist strap or ESD-protective footwear) and the gel box is on ground potential (e.g. by using a grounded pad).

Gel box

Before opening the gel box please ensure that the delivered AFM probes are consistent with your order and there is no sign of transportation damage (e.g. loose AFM probes).

In case one or both of the above points are not satisfied, please contact your supplier immediately.

AFM probe handling

To pick up and handle AFM probes, we recommend using pointed Teflon tweezers.
Using the recommended tweezers helps avoid damage to the holder chip edges and ensures that the chip remains free of particles.

Proper AFM System Settings

Please optimise the settings of your AFM system in order to ensure a smooth and gentle approach of the AFM tip to the sample.
AFM tips with ultra-small radii of curvature are very fragile. ANY hard contact between the AFM tips and ANY solid surface outside of the AFM will break the AFM tips. Please be very careful when handling and storing AFM probes.

Recommended for Experienced AFM Users Only!

Ultrasharp AFM probes are not suitable for novice AFM users. Operator experience and a high quality AFM system are required in order to utilize the AFM probes' real performance capabilities.