Theory and Practice of SPM

This section comprises references to articles containing information on theoretical problems and fundamentals of Scanning Probe Microscopy issued mainly since 1996. Also, plenty of references to papers devoted to simulation and modeling experiments, as well as enhancements, improvements and developments of contemporary SPM methods and corresponding techniques are listed including those describing technical innovations and technological solutions.

We purposely do not engage in reviewing existent theories and models of SPM since such comprehensive and, on the other hand, highly specialized (in respect to every SPM method or technique) survey inevitably would inflate into a little book and should be performed by a group of persons whose experience in this field has been accumulated during the mature part of SPM history.

Most of the references to articles devoted to conceptual problems related to biology, AFM probes and AFM cantilevers are considered mainly in the appropriate sections of our Library and, as a rule, are not reflected here.

An attempt to classify different SPM methods and techniques probably has been undertaken by Friedbacher and Fuchs [1261], though some relatively well established techniques such as Conductive AFM (or Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy, SSRM) are not mentioned in this paper.


ID Reference list (newly come references are marked red)
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