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    What Are Biologists Working On Using SPM?

    This section contains a collection of SPM related Annual Meeting Abstracts from the Biophysical Journal. The pages below are linked to PDF files at the journal website www.biophysj.org.

    The titles at our opinion reflect the mainstream of today's activities of biologists exploiting the Scanning Probe Microsocpy methods and techniques in their studies.

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    Biophysics Journal (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 80 (2001) January Page
    Atomic force microscopy studies of three-way DNA junctions
    Y.L. Lyubchenko, L. Shlyakhtenko, R. Sinden, V.N. Potaman, and A. Gall
    Scanning probe microscopy study of myosin binding, topography and elastic properties of thin nitrocellulose films
    A. Mansson, J. Klinth, E. Johansson-Karlsson, C. Widen, J. Johansson, and L. Montelius
    Stepwise unfolding of titin under force-clamp AFM
    A.F. Oberhauser, P.K. Hansma, M. Carrion-Vazquez, and J.M. Fernandez
    Two-state model of polysaccharide elasticity probed with the force clamp mode of AFM
    P.E. Marszalek, A.F. Oberhauser, and J.M. Fernandez
    A combined atomic force, confocal, and total internal reflection microscope for the study of single molecules
    W.F. Heinz, B. Navarro, K.D. Weston, P. Bernardi, and L.S. Goldner
    Fingerprinting polysaccharides with single molecule atomic force microscopy
    P.E. Marszalek, H. Li, and J.M. Fernandez
    Single molecule interaction of receptors and antibodies with human rhinovirus HRV2 using AFM
    F. Kienberger, R. Moser, C. Riener, H.J. Gruber, H. Schindler, D. Blaas, and P. Hinterdorfer
    Thermal study of the adenovirus structure using differential scanning calorimetry and atomic force microscope
    A. Negishi, G. Mattews, D. McCarty, J. Samulski, R. Taylor, and R. Superfine
    The high-speed AFM and motion pictures
    T. Ando, D. Maruyama, K. Saito, and T. Toda
    Determination of elastic moduli of soft, thin samples using the atomic force microscope
    E.K. Dimitriadis, F. Horkay, J. Maresca, and R.S. Chadwick
    Atomic force microscopy studies of membrane structure and transformation thermodynamics
    F. Tokumasu, A.J. Jin, and J.A. Dvorak
    Novel cantilever design for atomic force microscopy
    K. Snyder, A. Beyder, and F. Sachs
    Identification of stress fibres and fibronectin in AFM images using confocal microscopy
    K.L. De Jong, N.O. Petersen, and P.R. Norton
    Hyphae hot off the presses: investigating cell wall structure by atomic force microscopy
    L.A. Snook, S.J. Kaminskyj, and T.E.S. Dahms
    Cellular mechanotransduction and its modulation: an atomic force microscopy study
    G. Charras and M.A. Horton
    Electromotility of hek cells measured with AFM
    P.C. Zhang, A.M. Keleshian, and F. Sachs
    Viscoelastic and active response of neuronal growth cones to mechanical stimuli by AFM
    M. Lakadamyali, R. Mahaffy, B. Furnish, J. Bayer, F. Mackintosh, C.K. Shih, C. Schmidt, and J. Kas
    Combining atomic force microscopy and patch clamp in cochlear outer hair cells
    J.F. Ashmore, G. Charras, and M.A. Horton
    AFM of DNA: a practical procedure for sample imaging under dry nitrogen
    T.B.L. Kist, L.T.C. Franca, and F.G. Yu
    Tapping mode AFM of hyaluronan polysaccharide on mica in air: controlling the molecular extension
    M.K. Cowman
    Investigating the mechanical properties of individual fibrin fibers with the nanomanipulator AFM
    M. Guthold
    Lipid domain growth and shape changes as a function of temperature in binary lipid mixtures visualized by atomic force microscopy
    C. Leidy, T. Kaasgaard, T.V. Ratto, M. Longo, O.G. Mouritsen, J.H. Crowe, and K. Jorgensen
    Structural mapping of the insulin receptor by in situ scanning probe microscopy
    A. Slade, J. Luh, S. Ho, and C.M. Yip
    Electric field manipulation of single DNA molecules on microelectrodes studied by atomic force microscopy
    J. van Noort, A. Storm, S. de Vries, and C. Dekker
    Reca-DNA complex studied by atomic force microscopy
    R. Kuroda, K. Umemura, M. Ishikawa, S. Ikawa, and T. Shibata
    Controlled immobilization of DNA molecules using chemical modification of mica surfaces for atomic force microscopy
    K. Umemura, M. Ishikawa, and R. Kuroda
    Real time ripple phase formation in mica supported bilayers visualized by atomic force microscopy (AFM)
    T. Kaasgaard, C. Leidy, O.G. Mouritsen, J.H. Crowe, and K. Jorgensen
    AFM study of lipid bilayer compressibility
    S.J. Crook and D.D. Busath
    Relationship between lipid-bilayer organization and lateral lipid-ligand distribution investigated by atomic force microscopy
    T. Kaasgaard, O.G. Mouritsen, and K. Jorgensen
    Self-assembly of influenza hemagglutinin: studies of ectodomain aggegation by in situ atomic force microscopy
    R.F. Epand, L.V. Chernomordik, C.M. Yip, D.L. LeDuc, Y.K. Shin, and R.M. Epand
    Direct observation of lipid/protein interactions using atomic force microscopy on supported bilayers
    A.S. Muresan and K.Y. Lee
    In situ phospholipase A2 degradation of one- and two-component phospholipid bilayers imaged by atomic force microscopy
    T. Kaasgaard, J.H. Ipsen, O.G. Mouritsen, and K. Jorgensen
    Biophysics Journal (Annual Meeting Abstracts), 82 (2002) January Page
    Molecular elasticity of single spectrin repeats studied by forced unfolding using AFM
    S. M. Altmann, G. Raik, P. Lenne, J. Ylaenne, M. Nilges, H. J. K. Hoerber, and A. Rae
    Chair-boat transitions in single polysaccharide molecules observed with force-clamp AFM
    P. E. Marszalek, H. Li, A. F. Oberhauser, and J. M. Fernandez
    Mechanical architecture of the tandem immunoglobulin regions of titin studied by single molecule AFM
    H. Li, A. F. Oberhauser, W. A. Linke, M. Carrion Vazquez, and J. M. Fernandez
    AFM and force spectroscopy of recombinant spider dragline silk protein nanofibers
    E. M. Oroudjev and H. G. Hansma
    A combined atomic force, confocal, and total internal reflection microscope for single molecule microscopy
    W. F. Heinz, K. D. Weston, V. Jolivet, B. Navarro, P. Bernardi, and L. S. Goldner
    Extraction of proteins from a living cell surface using AFM
    R. Afrin and A. Ikai
    Nano-mechanics of tertiary domains and cooperative secondary structure of proteins studied with atomic force microscope (AFM)
    R. Hertadi, S. Koide, and A. Ikai
    Direct measurement of protein dynamics by AFM
    M. Osbourn, T. H. Oosterkamp, and T. Schmidt
    Erythrocyte deformation in atomic force microscopy
    A. L. Popescu Hategan, R. J. Law, and D. E. Discher
    Fibronectin remodeling and integrin-containing structures studied by confocal microscopy and AFM
    K. L. DeJong, P. R. Norton, and N. O. Petersen
    Use of atomic force microscopy (AFM) to measure integrin - fibronectin (FN) adhesion force in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSM)
    Z. Sun, U. Pohl, and G. A. Meininger
    AFM and film balance investigations into the role of the membrane-associated lipopolysaccharide-binding protein (LBP)
    S. Roes, T. Gutsmann, and U. Seydel
    Combining atomic-force and two-photon fluorescence microscopy to investigate the architecture of the photosynthetic membrane
    C. C. Gradinaru, S. T. Kafi, P. Martinsson, G. A. Blab, T. Schmidt, and T. J. Aartsma
    Characterizing single molecules of the giant muscle protein titin with atomic force microscopy
    K. Watanabe, C. Muhle Goll, M.S.Z. Kellermayer, S. Labeit, and H. L. Granzier
    E-cadherin extra-cellular domain interaction examined by atomic force microscopy
    R. G. Rudnitsky, F. Drees, W. J. Nelson, and T. W. Kenny
    Local viscoelastic behavior and the impact on motility of normal and malignantly transformed fibroblasts using AFM
    S. Park, D. Humphrey, R. Cardenas, Q. Chen, N. Peffley, C. Shih, and J. Kas
    Issues concerning the measurement of elastic properties at microscopic scales with the AFM
    E. K. Dimitriadis, F. Horkay, K. Bechara, and R. S. Chadwick
    Visualization of the molecular and electronic structure of photosynthetic pigment-protein complexes with scanning probe microscopy
    A. Stamouli, S. T. Kafi, A. J. Hoff, J.W.M. Frenken, T. H. Oosterkamp, and T. J. Aartsma
    A combined approach of patch clamp and AFM for studying Ca2+ - dependent inactivation of class c-type Ca2+ channels
    G. Roland, K.J.F. Kepplinger, R. Zhu, Y. Maulet, K. Groschner, N. M. Soldatov, P. Hinterdorfer, and C. Romanin
    Atomic force microscopy study of the structure of single mucin molecules and their viscoelastic properties
    G. Matthews, C. W. Davis, and R. C. Boucher
    Monitoring immunoglobulin light chain amyloid fibril formation on surfaces using atomic force microscopy
    A. L. Fink, M. Zhu, J. Li, and P. O. Souillac
    Linking primary structure and biochemical function with protein conformation measured by scanning force microscopy
    B. A. Todd, J. Rammohan, and S. J. Eppell
    Changes in DNA tertiary structure following ditercalinium bis-intercalation observed by AFM
    T. Berge, N. S. Jenkins, M. J. Waring, J. M. Edwardson, and R. M. Henderson
    Nanoscopic lipid domain dynamics revealed by atomic force microscopy
    F. Tokumasu, A. J. Jin, G. W. Feigenson, and J. A. Dvorak
    Studies of phase transitions in supported bilayers of cationic and neutral lipids by simultaneous in situ fluorescence spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy
    A. B. Fried, N. P. Plaskos, J. Luh, and C. M. Yip
    Conformational dynamics in connexon structure at molecular resolution using coordinated atomic force (AFM) and electron microscopy (EM)
    D. J. Muller, G. M. Hand, A. Engel, and G. E. Sosinsky
    Reconstitution of the passive elasticity of muscle from single molecule AFM experiments
    H. Li, W. A. Linke, A. F. Oberhauser, M. Carrion Vazquez, P. E. Marszalek, and J. M. Fernandez
    Atomic force microscopy of biomolecular assembly at ordered interfaces
    G. Yang and C. M. Yip
    Visualisation of the streptavidin-biotin interaction using AFM
    C. S. Neish, R. M. Henderson, and J. M. Edwardson
    Atomic force microscopy imaging of structure and dynamics of intramolecular triplex DNA
    Y. L. Lyubchenko, W. J. Tiner, A. Y. Lushnikov, V. N. Potaman, and R. R. Sinden
    Real-time changes in mechanical properties of human endothelial cells upon Icam-1 crosslinking studied by atomic force microscopy
    I. Kang, Q. Wang, C. M. Doerschuk, and R. E. Marchant
    Enhanced dynamic range and sensitivity of protein arrays using gold probes and scanning electron microscopy
    N. Levit Binnun, A. B. Lindner, and E. Moses
    Simultaneous confocal-scanning probe microscopy imaging of cell surface phenomena
    J. Shaw, K. Hodgson, and C. M. Yip
    Crystals and cells as cores for polyelectrolyte nanocapsules studied by confocal, two-photon and atomic force microscopy
    A. Diaspro, O. Cavalleri, S. Krol, D. Silvano, and A. Gliozzi
    Collagen fibrillar constructs: new ideas on their formation and ultrastructure via a parallel AFM, TEM, ESI and NMR approach
    A. C. Lin and M. Goh
    Atomic force microscopy and fluorescence studies of lipid rafts in model membranes
    L. J. Johnston, C. Yuan, P. Burgos, and J. Furlong
    AFM investigation of elasticity and conformation maleability of single proteins and supramolecular structures
    J. G. Forbes, K. Wang, and A. J. Jin
    3d Surface Topograpghy, Ligand-Induced Conformational Changes And Aggregation Of Hemichannels: AFM Study Of Reconstituted Connexons
    J. Thimm, H. Lin, and R. Lal
    The structure of the platelet integrin aIIbbIII on model surfaces imaged by atomic force microscopy
    M. A. Hussain and C. A. Siedlecki
    New results on the microtopology of RNA ploymerase II using tapping mode atomic force microscopy in liquid
    T. N. Rhodin, K. Umemura, M. Gad, S. Jarvis, M. Ishikawa, and J. Fu
    Effects of mechanical stimulation of auditory mechano-sensory cells measured using atomic force microscopy
    A. Zelenskaya, M. Radmacher, and M. Ulfendahl
    Structural differences betweeen prepore and pore complexes of perfringolysin o identified by AFM
    D. M. Czajkowsky, E. M. Hotze, R. K. Tweten, and Z. Shao
    Expression of the human µ-opioid receptor in a stable Sf9 cell line for AFM and NSOM studies
    L. A. Snook, D. R. Burns, D. Massotte, and TES. Dahms
    Visualization of syntaxin by AFM
    D. E. Saslowsky, J. Lawrence, R. M. Henderson, and J. M. Edwardson
    Morphological changes induced by poloxamer P188 in phospholipid monolayers: an atomic force microscopy study
    G. Wu
    Structural charcterisation of a novel membrane protein, syncollin, with the atomic force microscope
    N. A. Geisse, R. M. Henderson, and J. M. Edwardson